The Scene

Bombay to Beaumont with Patrick Evans

Thursday, February 21, 2019

It all started with Joes idea to ride somewhere where no one has before, an abandoned city called Bombay Beach located on the Salton Sea. We loaded up and headed out with Carlino in the driver seat, Jordan Powell running shotgun and Chris Tedesco shooting photos along the way. Bombay ended with a 10 hour visit to the ER caused by a splinter I got during the first shot of the day but we still called it a success after seeing one of the most bizarre cities in America.

After that we headed Colton Haakers House to enjoy a freshly watered moto track tucked into the hills of Perris. A few days later Mother Nature kept on watering and Joe and I were forced to make a solo morning run to Beaumont in an attempt to beat the rain. I started out the day by dragging a foot up one of the sketchiest jumps in Beaumont and bending both my subframe and bars. 

But the dirt was too good to stop so we cruised the rest of the day with bars at a 30 degree sideways angle and still had a blast. Rain was coming down but Joe kept his RED covered with a jacket and we ripped through it. All in all it was some of the best riding days I’ve ever had and we laid down the first set of tracks in a location I’ll never forget.

by Patrick Evans

Photos: @tedescophoto

Video: @carlinojoevideo & @powelldigitalmedia