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Favorite 2016 Videos | Reliving The Good Times

Friday, December 30, 2016
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This past year was a huge one for Fasthouse. What humbly started inside a garage has quickly blossomed into a company that people are beginning to associate with what we’ve always been about—speed, style, and good times. We still get the question, “What is Fasthouse?” But to be completely honest, we like it that way. Remaining enigmatical and ambiguous is what keeps us different from the norm, and it’s what motivates us to continue producing rad content, gear, and good times for the unforeseeable future.

When we look back on 2016, it’s hard to nail down our favorite moments—our gear was released, Durham and Bereman toured the East Coast, we left an indelible mark on Mammoth Mountain, and Collier continued to rip aboard The Beast. This past year has produced way too many memories to even list, and to break it down a little, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite videos and photos, chronicling the crazy year. Before ’16 wraps up, enjoy looking back at some of our unforgettable times, but more importantly, while you relive this past year, remember that it’s about living in the now, spending time with friends and family, and being thankful. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year.

2016 VIDEOS:

“Two-Strokes Are Cool”

Who doesn’t like the smell of premix in the morning? Riding and racing two-strokes is something that is near and dear to our hearts—the trusty machines are what the sport was built upon. And for the past few years, Sean Collier has been ripping his KX500 while Trevor Stewart has also been racing—and winning—aboard his tried and true YZ250. We spent a weekend with the duo, following each of them as they lined up aboard their premix-burning machines against the modern four-strokes.

“East Coast Is Toast”

This video was our way of telling the world what Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman were about to get themselves into with their East Coast Supercross tour. We weren’t totally sure what to expect going into the season with two of the most outspoken and charismatic racers, but it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable video series of the year.

“High Speed In The High Desert”

It takes a special breed of racer to go fast in the desert. Not only does it require a truckload of talent, but also massive balls to be able to hold a modern 450 wide open across the vast unknown. Early in 2016, we tagged along with off-road racers Blayne Thompson and Trevor Stewart as they competed in the infamous Adelanto Grand Prix, which Blayne proceeded to win in dominating fashion.

“2016 Mammoth Motocross”

As the longest running motocross race in the U.S., the annual Mammoth Motocross is a must on our list of yearly events, and this year’s race was one we’ll never forget. Most importantly, the race served as our brand new gear debut, but between Bereman and Collier switching riders mid-race, the excellent bowling party, and Wacker’s now infamous 30-second-board burnout, the Fasthouse crew left an unforgettable mark on the event. Here’s hoping we’re invited back for the 50th running of the race in 2017.

“Raising Some Hell | Durham And Crew Hit The PNW”

What began as a simple bike build with Tony Jeske of Jeske MX Customs quickly turned into an adventure that spanned the course of 2016. The YZ125 dubbed “Hell Raiser” debuted at The 1 Moto Show back in February, sat idle for the summer, and was raced by Darryn Durham at the 125 Dream Race in September. The weeklong trip to the Pacific Northwest was one none of us will soon forget, especially after poaching downtown Portland aboard the bike.

“Renaissance Man | Brian Bent’s Punk Rock Fasthouse Collab”

Artist, musician, skateboarder, surfer, Hot Rod builder, Pastor… Brian Bent is probably one of the radest people we’ve ever met. When you meet him, his love for life is instantly palpable, and his passion for the arts is even more apparent. As an Orange County local, when he isn’t painting, Bent spends most of his spare time either behind the wheel of a fast car or with his feet firmly planted on a board of some kind. After admiring his artwork, we decided to hook up with him and have him design a rad limited edition jersey, which will be available in early 2017.