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RD51 Style | Street And Dirt

Monday, July 31, 2017
Style Moto Style Moto Style Moto

Both on his dirt bike, and when navigating the twisting SoCal canyon roads aboard his Cafe Racer, Fasthouse's Ricky Diaz is the epitomy of style. And in fact, when we first met him, it was his insane ability to throw his bike upside down that drew our attention. With the release of the new gear a couple weeks ago, ever the weekend warrior looking for a good time on two wheels, RD has been showing off at the local tracks on the weekends. "I have ramp suspension on my bike right now," Diaz said. "Riding on the tracks can be a little sketchy though (laughs)." Good thing the stiff ramp suspension allows him to toss crazy whips. Click the link below to check out the full collection of new gear—jerseys, pants, and gloves.