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Super Hooligan | Jordan Graham Has Serious Fun

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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“What I love about Hooligan racing is how sketchy it is." -Jordan Graham

Sure, there have been countless run-what-ya-brung events across the country, but Super Hooligan racing is something special. It brings riders out to compete aboard modified street bikes on flat tracks at interesting venues around The States. One racer that has been at it since the beginning is Jordan Graham. By day, he’s a custom helmet painter for Airtrix Custom Paint, but on the weekends, he can be found sliding sideways aboard a 500-pound Roland Sands Designs Indian Scout. “Most racing is too serious and no one has fun,” Jordan said. “At Hooligan races, though, everyone is having a good time while trying to avoid killing each other. It’s rad to see how even the playing field is when everyone has no idea what a 500-pound motorcycle is about to do. It can tend to scare the shit out of people.”

Witnessing a Hooligan event is one thing—carnage, near misses, and close racing are just some of the highlights—but racing one is a completely different animal all together. Getting into it, though, is usually as easy as finding a bike or modifying your own. “I got into Hooligan racing after building a street tracker I used to ride to work,” Jordan said. “I signed up at a local flat track race with a group of other like-minded idiots, not knowing what we were about to get into. After my first high-side crash to my head, though, I knew I was addicted.” It’s the unexpected, the good times, and the camaraderie with buddies that make Hooligan events one of our favorite forms of racing.

Words and Photos by Brendan Lutes