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Wacker's Wild Ride | Inside The Different YZ125

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
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Dustin “Wacker” Nowak isn’t known for doing things the same as everyone else. With a style all his own, Wacker is widely regarded in the freestyle scene, and among his friends, for always standing out with something crazy. When it came time to get his bike prepped for Day In The Dirt 20, he decided he’d transform his YZ125 into something no one has seen before. And with only a few days before the race, he went to work. The alligator seat cover, which Wacker found material for online, was custom cut and sewn by him, and the idea of having no front fender and round side panels was to give the bike a flat track look. Underneath the hood, he didn’t change much from what he normally runs—some slight mods, exhaust system, suspension mods, and clutch components.